Posted by: Stephanie Helms | February 5, 2016

Summer SAILstice!

I had a great chat with Maine native John Arndt today about his Summer SAILstice program. Let’s find a way to get everyone who can out sailing this year on June 18th! Read about it, and start planning now!

Don’t forget to let the Coast Guard know about your events too. An event permit should be filed for safety’s sake. For new events, the application form (CG-4423) should be filed 135 days prior to the event start, 60 for recurring events you’ve permitted in 2015.

While you’re at it, let us all know about your organization’s sailing schedule. Shoot me an e-mail with details, and I’ll be sure to get it on Northeast Sailing’s calendar. You can also post the event to US Sailing’s calendar if you’r a member.

First day of the Leadership Forum was great. Stay in touch!

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