Officers, Directors and Committees

President:  Stephanie Helms

Vice President:  Chris Robinson

Secretary: Diana Weidenbacher

Board of Directors:
Debbie Rogers – Director at Large
Dave Whiting – Race Management Officer
Brent Sullivan – Offshore Committee Chairman, GMORA President
David White – Appeals Committee Chairman

Appeals Committee:
David White – Appeals Committee Chairman
John Fitzgerald
William Poole
John Henry
Clint Marshall
Tim Tolford

Jr. Committee:
Jonathan Foot — Chairman
Diana Weidenbacker – Vice Chairman
John Fitzgerald – Central
Debbie Rogers – Eastern
David Hazelett – Western
Eric Unterborn – Southern
Liz Rollins – Southern


  1. Can a group join the Sailing Association? I am researching this for the Provincetown Yacht Club. Which association would be the most appropriate for sailors in the Provincetown area? What is the annual membership cost?Do you have representatives who can provide a PHRF certificate for individual boats?

    • This organization is for the Northern New England area to include GMORA as well as all the junior programs. P-Town I believe falls in the Mass Bay area. I would reach out to US Sailing and ask for your contacts.

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