Posted by: Stephanie Helms | July 11, 2016

NOR – Down East Junior Sailing Association 420 championships

From Henry Clews:

Hi All,

Links to the Registration, NOR and a brief schedule for the Down East Junior Sailing Association 420 championships are up on the Kollegewidgwok web site at

You can also find this at the KYC website under News & Events.

To answer a couple of inquires, this is a club rigged 420 event with traps and chutes.  We will have only one line. No green fleet or optis this year.  There are a lot of new volunteers at KSEA (KYC junior program) this year and as always, scheduling was very difficult with the club.  If all goes well we would like to expand options in the future.

There is also a note about possibly allowing loose footed mains and non class sails in the NOR.  We don’t want to keep you hanging, it’s just we want to get the language right.  We would like everyone to be able to sail.  If all your organization has is a set of older loose footed or non class sails I’m pretty sure we will be allowing theses. I’ll update everyone as soon as we have the final language.

Hope to see you all in Blue Hill in August.

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