Posted by: Henry Bliss | May 6, 2014

The season is upon us!


Northeast Sailing Association is moving ahead to serve you better as we head into the 2014 season. We have updated our website considerably. A new domain has been set ( and we’d like to make the site as useful as possible for everyone in the region to share information and resources. All focused on sailing of course.

To that end, we have several resources on the website for everyone to share and we need your input to make them better:

Calendar of Events:  We’ve included competitive and non-competitive events for the coming season that we know about. We’ve also added popular events across all of New England. Where possible, we’ve included links so that you can get more info, event forms, results, etc. At this time, please understand that the links provided may not be accurate just yet, that’s were you can help so let us know
Member Directory:  Here you can find information on all NSA Member organizations with appropriate links. Again, please understand that the links provided may not be accurate just yet.

Moderated Google Group: Hosted by SailMaine, for all member organizations and their staff to communicate more easily with each other. Information for signing up is in the “Contact Us” menu ( )

The season is upon us! Again, we’ll appreciate your input to make these improvements work for everyone.

All the best,

Jonathan Foot
Stephanie Helms
Henry Bliss

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